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Participation auprès de la communauté Le partage comme indicateur de qualité

Participer continuellement au projet Apache OFBiz est une volonté importante de Néréide

Cet investissement est bénéfique sur de nombreux points :

  • améliorer le projet par nos expériences acquises sur le terrain
  • maintenir notre niveau de compétence
  • S'assurer que nos choix sur les projets clients suivent les bonnes pratique de la communauté (garantie d'évolution)

Nous listons ci-dessous les remontés (améliorations et corrections) que les commiteurs de Néréide ont réalisés.

MAI 2022 - 7 commits

AVRIL 2022 - 2 commits

FéVRIER 2022 - 2 commits

  • 4caa15b26a Fixed: Attribute default-field-type hidden doesn't work for auto-fields-service element (OFBIZ-12555)
  • bc91eedebe Fixed: Attribute default-field-type hidden doesn't work for auto-fields-service element (OFBIZ-12555)

JANVIER 2022 - 3 commits

  • 4936f6f145 Improved: Use flexible expander to resolve the area target on call back (OFBIZ-12509) When you use a callback, at this time we haven't to possibility to resolve the area target from the context like this
  • 7341e5662c Fixed: Screen Xml renderer failed on renderContainer[Begin,End] ftl macro (OFBIZ-12478)
  • c12e727df2 Fixed: Element condition-[expr/list/object] doesn't work with compound (OFBIZ-12546)

AOûT 2021 - 9 commits

  • 3dd89a5219 Fixed: Fix checkstyle issue
  • 3fb6b40aa3 Fixed: Clean groovy file FindLookUp No functional change : * remove case syntax * use groovy syntax (excepted on executeResult.listIt, EntityListIterator not support the groovy syntax *if (!listIt)*) * use Elvis operator for default values * add typage to help ide and compilation
  • 6addbdc208 Implemented: Convert WorkEffort relation screen to dynamic Compound (OFBIZ-12292) (#318)
  • 70ea85c533 Fixed: move crud QuoteTerm services to services_quote.xml
  • 92d3625153 Fixed: remove unnecessary quote on groovy map
  • 9708d22afe Improved: Fix issues reported by SonarQube analysis on Github (OFBIZ-12284)
  • a37d5cc5d5 Fixed: Jgrowl label are not well retrieved showing 'undefined' button (OFBIZ-12299)
  • bdd5673fe2 Fixed: Clean groovy file ContentServices.groovy No functional change : * remove case syntax * use OFBiz dsl * condense map creation, entityCondition by builder * add typage to help ide and compilation
  • fe542cfee1 Improved: Tooltips overload labels (OFBIZ-12277)

JUILLET 2021 - 20 commits

JUIN 2021 - 7 commits

MAI 2021 - 2 commits

FéVRIER 2021 - 1 commits

JANVIER 2021 - 2 commits

NOVEMBRE 2020 - 4 commits

SEPTEMBRE 2020 - 1 commits

JUILLET 2020 - 2 commits

JUIN 2020 - 2 commits

MAI 2020 - 13 commits

  • 1558f232c2 Fixed: Remove unnecessary semi-column
  • 3b7e63744c Improved: Expansion of form widget field disabled atrribute with xsd improvement (#141)
  • 4ebdcdd9d0 Improved: Convert PriceServices.xml mini lang to groovy
  • 7968f62e51 Improved: Convert InventoryIssueServices.xml mini lang to groovy
  • 7fcde49d82 Improved: Convert ShipmentServices.xml mini lang to groovy (OFBIZ-11462)
  • 8af7cf8775 Improved: Converted AccountServices from mini lang to groovy
  • 95f0eda361 Improved: Convert LeadServices.xml mini lang to groovy
  • a6cfaf8732 Improved: getAssociatedPriceRulesConds service return huge result
  • adb60c2a9e Improved: Purchase Invoice creation should be limited for parties with roleTypeId = SUPPLIER (OFBIZ-11024)
  • b134c6b72f Improved: Convert ProductionRunServices.xml file from mini-lang to groovy DSL (OFBIZ-11395)
  • b862632a94 Fixed: Convert InventoryIssueServices.xml mini lang to groovy (OFBIZ-11591)
  • b9b8c1405b Improved: Convert PriceServices.xml mini lang to groovy
  • ba04eda31a Improved: Converted CustomTimePeriod related services from simple to entity-auto (OFBIZ-11689) Thanks Pierre for reporting.

AVRIL 2020 - 2 commits

  • 4d2e5d3e26 Fixed: Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes for ProductPromoCodeEmail entity.(OFBIZ-5426) (#44)
  • f6418d52f5 Improved: Convert OrderReturnService.xml from mini lang to groovy (OFBIZ-11442)

MARS 2020 - 19 commits

FéVRIER 2020 - 17 commits

JANVIER 2020 - 8 commits

  • 11cf350302 Improved: Change 'restMethod' by '_method' in request parameters (OFBIZ-11332)
  • 1ee1ec76d6 Fixed: Change 'restMethod' by '_method' in request parameters (OFBIZ-11007)
  • 20e0bbe55c Improved: Use ‘forEach’ in ‘RequestHandler’ for conciseness
  • 52e21a3d2e Improved: Use FlexibleStringExpander for field parameter names. (OFBIZ-11330)
  • 583f926e04 Improved: Remove unused ‘ComponentContainer#retrieveComponentConfig’ argument
  • 6e1c7b5958 Implemented: REST, adding segmented URI support for webtools/entitymaint (OFBIZ-11007)
  • 91fa4a958c Fixed: Clean unecessary code and convert to groovy syntax
  • fac12a4e6f Fixed: No functional change, correct checkstyle issues on GenericWebEvent.java

DéCEMBRE 2019 - 18 commits

  • 071a74238b Fixed: Fix missing else during previous refactoring (OFBIZ-11253) When you rendering for with auto-field-entity on edit mode, indicator field has been override by text field. Fix also two error on source field type set to FieldInfo.SOURCE_AUTO_SERVICE instead of FieldInfo.SOURCE_AUTO_ENTITY
  • 22f1da7859 Improved: Remove unnecessary ‘ofbizDebug’ task type (OFBIZ-11302)
  • 376b818464 Improved: Do not add classpath info to the classloader classpath (OFBIZ-11161)
  • 3c9af84245 Fixed: Display file name in XML parsing errors (OFBIZ-6993)
  • 4d4a1ba1cd Improved: Lint ‘FreeMarkerWorker’ class (OFBIZ-11161)
  • 62c617eeec Fixed: Add XML declaration in “web.xml” files (OFBIZ-6993)
  • 6c745f6ea5 Improved: Retrieve the included controller files eagerly (OFBIZ-11313)
  • 7508917a0a Improved: Remove ‘RequestHandler#ControllerConfig’ wrapper (OFBIZ-11313)
  • 815fb52835 Improved: Remove some explicit transitive dependencies
  • 81f82b1203 Improved: Upgrade some dependencies
  • 87d7465306 Improved: Move ‘ComponentContainerTest’ data to src/test/resources/ (OFBIZ-11275)
  • 98bfafd148 Improved: Resolve classpath conflict on `freemarkerTransforms.properties` (OFBIZ-11161)
  • aae1c8a8f5 Reverted: "Improved: Use ‘depends-on’ attribute instead of “component-load.xml”" (OFBIZ-11296)
  • c764a90b18 Improved: Lint ‘SEOContextFilter#doFilter’ (OFBIZ-11278)
  • d0f522aeed Fixed: Remove obsolete references to WorkflowActivity (OFBIZ-11303)
  • d4c59c3bde Improved: Inline ‘StartupControlPanel#createLogDirectoryIfMissing’.
  • df5dde37d5 Improved: Replace getLocation with location in ‘ComponentConfig.WebappInfo’ (OFBIZ-11192)
  • e7bec48f16 Fixed: Use ‘WebAppUtil#parseWebXmlFile’ when handling “web.xml” files (OFBIZ-6993)

NOVEMBRE 2019 - 26 commits

OCTOBRE 2019 - 48 commits

SEPTEMBRE 2019 - 28 commits

  • 180ca716cc Improved: Change current view-link requirement to allow use of entity-condition only in view-entities (OFBIZ-11179)
  • 1e5c621420 Improved: PicklistStatusHistory doesn't follow history entity status pattern (OFBIZ-11182) The entity PicklistStatusHistory record each status change realized on picklist.
  • 1fd1b030d9 Improved: Allow updating the ‘Config’ object of the server instance (OFBIZ-11203)
  • 2132b9e60c Fixed: Default option for ModelFormField.DateFindField doesn't work (OFBIZ-11212) When you use a date-find element on form, the defaut option are in code like to greater_than and less _than
  • 2cbcb3ae5b Improved: Refactoring permission model call (OFBIZ-7113)
  • 3236e70c20 Improved: Don't exclude properties and labels file from the Jar (OFBIZ-11161)
  • 39f5dda302 Implemented: Add transaction timeout default properties for screen widget (OFBIZ-11190)
  • 42c208ee0c Improved: Refactor UelFunctions.java to remove error management via Exception (OFBIZ-11213)
  • 4a697dc744 Improved: Manage itemStatusId and oldItemStatusId on entity-auto engine (OFBIZ-11183) Currently the entity auto engine manage the status change operation on an Entity during an update, with analyse the field statusId as new status and compare with current value through StatusValidChange system. If the change is validated, the previous status is returned in oldStatusId service parameter.
  • 518edddf9c Improved: Refactor ‘ComponentContainer#loadComponentFromConfig’ (OFBIZ-11192)
  • 5fb61ec804 Implemented: Service parameter default-value attribut can support flexible string (OFBIZ-11180)
  • 609ade46f2 Improved: Convert Shipment Crud simple service to entity-auto (OFBIZ-6996) I converted all available shipment entities crud currently on simple service to entity-auto service : * ItemIssuanceRole * ShipmentItem * ShipmentPackageContent * ShipmentPackageRouteSeg * ShipmentRouteSegment * QuantityBreak
  • 6f54d35c91 Improved: Convert ‘Config#ofbizHome’ and ‘Config#logDir’ to a path (OFBIZ-11192)
  • 763911235c Improved: Get correct information history for Company Header in pdf document (OFBIZ-11177)
  • 7d7a441715 Fixed: Any ecommerce user has the ability to reset anothers password (including admin) via "Forget Your Password" (OFBIZ-4361)
  • 83aad257be Improved: Remove redundant type declarations
  • 8cc48ec568 Implemented: Add a mechanism to prevent the usage of EntitySyncRemove (OFBIZ-10008)
  • 8e9df028b6 Fix parenthesis syntax error in groovy (OFBIZ-11186)
  • 968515cf07 Add timezone support to recurring job temporal expressions (OFBIZ-11035)
  • 9d9d633ce9 Improved: OrderReadHelper.getOrderItemAttributes as non static function (OFBIZ-11208) Currenlty if we use the java helper class OrderReadHelper to resolve the orderItemAttributes, it didn't use the a local cache and call each time the delegator throw a static function. I added a non static function to optimise database calling when you have multiple get to do.
  • c16dad812f Implemented: Convert Picklist related CRUD services from simple to entity-auto (OFBIZ-10636)
  • c17d392d0a Improved: Use spaces instead of tabs in “common.gradle”
  • c66a030d25 Convert CommunicationEventServices mini lang to groovy, service createCommunicationEvent (OFBIZ-9992) (OFBIZ-11164) Last commit with literal translation for service createCommunicationEvent
  • daa1e6160e Reverted: JSON entity data import and export utility (OFBIZ-10966)
  • e0d640a375 Fixed: Send upload form with even-update-area doesn't work (OFBIZ-11207) When you create a xml form with upload as type, you can't use on-event-update-area element to submit it by ajax. Otherwise, OFBiz return an error message on 'uploadFile is empty. To solve it, we analyze the enctype's form before submit it to move on FormData instead a direct serialize [1]
  • e3acbf6541 Improved: Refactor ‘ComponentLoaderConfig’ class (OFBIZ-11192)
  • ee95f3bad3 Improved: Use ‘java.nio.file’ API in ‘ComponentContainer’ class (OFBIZ-11192)
  • fbcd8c242c Fixed: Move default-entity-name on updateQuantityBreak definition service No functional change, just homogenize attribute suite with delete and create service.

AOûT 2019 - 20 commits

  • 1aee343a69 Fixed: CategoryServices returns null when opening Product main page (OFBIZ-11175) Increase parsing control to don't realize it on null value for viewSizeString when call service getProductCategoryAndLimitedMembers.
  • 1b34cf7982 Improved: Inline ‘UtilValidate#areEqual’ (OFBIZ-11172)
  • 2ec608fa45 Improved: Remove unused code in ‘UtilValidate’ (OFBIZ-11172)
  • 3fb1d50625 Improved: Use method references instead of lambda inside variables (OFBIZ-10817)
  • 44d4c3363f Improved: Convert CatalogServices.xml mini lang to groovy (OFBIZ-9992) (OFBIZ-9350) Thanks to Dennis Balkir for this conversion
  • 4a511be1cc Implemented: Homogenize displaying number with multiple format (OFBIZ-7532)
  • 4c70084b76 Improved: Separate resources from Java source files (OFBIZ-11161)
  • 60787a31d5 Improved: Convert CommunicationEventServices mini lang to groovy (OFBIZ-9992) (OFBIZ-11164) Thanks to Carl Demus for this conversion
  • 6114fd496a Improved: update init-gradle-wrapper.sh to load gradlew script (OFBIZ-10145) When you run 'sh gradle/init-gradle-wrapper.sh', if the script gradlew at the OFBiz root isn't present we download it from bintray. Improvements to comments and messages in the init-gradle-wrapper.sh script do on r1865605 by Jacopo
  • 66a42fb325 Improved: Make ‘gradlew ofbiz’ depend on :classes instead of :build (OFBIZ-11162)
  • 7c8f7a55e3 Fixed: [FB] Find Security Bugs (OFBIZ-9973)
  • 9b68a55d64 Improved: Compile groovy integration tests (OFBIZ-11165)
  • 9bc8ebb864 Improved: Remove useless ‘GroovyScriptTestCase’ (OFBIZ-11165)
  • b50bc07bb9 Improved: Add missing override annotation
  • b52990054e Implemented: Helper script to download the gradle wrapper (OFBIZ-10145) Add a helper script to download gradle-wrapper.jar and gradle-wrapper.properties at version 5.0.0 from bintray [1] when gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar isn't present.
  • cbc0a76517 Improved: Find order screen can't make a search without ship to country (OFBIZ-11176) When you search orders on the standard screen [1] you can't unselect a country. The problem come from the populate country list by countries.ftl who select by default a country without possibility to escape it. We added a possibility to escape it through variable doNotPreselectDefaultCountryGeoId
  • cf79277608 Improved: Remove redundant "dtd" directory from classpath (OFBIZ-11161)
  • d8e9261857 Improved: Remove unused imports
  • e6eb453cab Improved: Make ‘gradlew’ depend on :jar and :test (OFBIZ-11162)
  • f4aab777a5 Improved: Refactoring permission model call (OFBIZ-7113) With the problem to have a permission service not on the same transaction that the related service [1]

JUILLET 2019 - 48 commits

JUIN 2019 - 40 commits

MAI 2019 - 53 commits

AVRIL 2019 - 37 commits

  • 010083250f Reverted: Unknown request [images]; this request does not exist or cannot be called directly. (OFBIZ-10895)
  • 264ed9c8d2 Improved: Remove unused private ‘UnsupportedClassConverter’ class (OFBIZ-10908)
  • 26a2a5fa43 Improved: Use ‘contains’ matcher when possible (OFBIZ-10941)
  • 2b541d715d Improved: Check Map equality in ‘MultivaluedMapContextTests’
  • 2c0cd81783 Improved: Add french label for CommonImport and CommonImportExport
  • 2df068855b Improved: Java code contains unnecessary semicolons (OFBIZ-10936)
  • 3111fc6b40 Fixed: Remove unused ‘java.util.TreeMap’ import
  • 3300682de5 Fixed: Escape potential NPE when call by DataEvents.serverImage by mocked request
  • 3b6782981f Fixed: Remove unnecessary declared exceptions in ‘RequestHandlerTests’ (OFBIZ-10938)
  • 47ea42c001 Improved: Use ‘containsInAnyOrder’ matcher when possible (OFBIZ-10941)
  • 4865cdc3b2 Fixed: Update an order linked to an other order lost relation applications/order/ (OFBIZ-10926) When you edit an order linked to an other order like drop shipment process, shopping cart lost the connexion. The problem came from ShoppingCart.makeAllOrderItemAssociations() function that prepared all generic value OrderItemAssoc without toOrderId.
  • 5767488523 Improved: Remove unused imports
  • 5982be8161 Improved: Remove unnecessary declared exceptions for ‘ContainerException’ (OFBIZ-10938)
  • 60a6ac1047 Improved: Add ‘UtilMisc#toMap(Supplier>, Object...)’ (OFBIZ-10933)
  • 61cf2fa891 Fixed: Add converter for StringWrapper and StringBuffer (OFBIZ-5028) To escape exception on native conversion, we add converter for StringBuffer and StringWrapper on MiscConverters Thanks to Christoph Neuroth for this issue
  • 8436ca3a25 Improved: Marital Status not managed properly in Person entity. (OFBIZ-10921) Thanks Paul, Jacques, Pierre and Nicolas for you suggestions and discussions.
  • 8700328f09 Fixed: Remove unused type parameters (OFBIZ-10909)
  • 948d73946e Improved: Remove redundant specification of type arguments
  • 990c8a3aab Improved: Remove redundant specification of type arguments (OFBIZ-10937)
  • 9cec8c6443 Fixed: User depersonation do not clean out impersonated user session. (OFBIZ-10942)
  • 9f5802e49a Improved: Do not use deprecated method in ‘DBCPConnectionFactory’ (OFBIZ-10935)
  • 9f62e476fb Fixed: clean deprecated code after release 18.12 creation (OFBIZ-10761) Remove unused minilang function, announced deprecated since 2005
  • a15b7b1996 Reverted: Changes done at r#1857089 and r#1857090 (OFBIZ-10911)(OFBIZ-10912)
  • acff8da727 Fixed: Remove unused imports
  • b37e315aef Improved: Use the ‘@Override’ annotation (OFBIZ-10939)
  • bb7b88757e Improved: Convert createMarketingCampaignRole service to entity-auto service (OFBIZ-9551) Thanks Suraj Khurana and Nicolas Malin for your contribution.
  • be39e09d80 Fixed: Use try with resource for closing ‘EntityListIterator’
  • d5e3c2d3d4 Improved: Remove redundant null checks (OFBIZ-10911)
  • d639aba7e7 Improved: Remove redundant null checks (OFBIZ-10911)
  • d7127ce9ea Fixed: Ensure that ‘MapContext’ preserves insertion order properties (OFBIZ-10933)
  • e034284a3a Improved: Remove unused local variables
  • e34434000b Fixed: Remove unnecessary semicolons in Java code (OFBIZ-10936)
  • e8b826ce3c Fixed: When add item on shopping cart, we lost orderItemAttributes (OFBIZ-10906) When you add an item on the cart with some orderItemAttributes with the function
  • ed290e8337 Fixed: Duplicate a ShoppingCartItem didn't propage OrderItemAttributes (OFBIZ-10929)
  • f2a72984e1 Fixed: Remove Raw type cast warning in ‘ObjectType’
  • f3a39e9665 Fixed: Remove redundant interface declaration (OFBIZ-10910)
  • fef3988c46 Improved: Remove ‘CreateTableCallable’ private class (OFBIZ-10912)

MARS 2019 - 34 commits

FéVRIER 2019 - 7 commits

JANVIER 2019 - 24 commits

  • 00ee97b23d Improved: Refactoring ‘EntityCondition’ - Rewrite EntityConditionListBase class (OFBIZ-10691)
  • 02afdb671a Fixed: Update and clean deprecated code after release 18.12 creation (OFBIZ-10761) Move deprecated comment for service captureBillingAccountPayment to service definition
  • 199549e08f Fixed: Correct behaviour of Autologin cookies (OFBIZ-10635)
  • 1b02bfa7aa Improved: Extract verification of certificates in ‘RequestHandler’ (OFBIZ-10450)
  • 1d0f9036bd Improved: Refactoring ‘EntityCondition’ - Rewrite EntityDateFilterCondition class (OFBIZ-10691)
  • 25721714f1 Improved: Simplify ‘entity.model.ModelField#EncryptMethod’ enum (OFBIZ-10763)
  • 31fdaaed84 Improved: Refactoring ‘EntityCondition’ - Rename EntityConditionFunction class to EntityNotCondition (OFBIZ-10691)
  • 61ebf7af09 Implemented: Upgrade Groovy 2.4.13 → 2.4.16 (OFBIZ-10762) Thanks to Mathieu Lirzin for the proposal We can see changelogs here : * http://www.groovy-lang.org/changelogs/changelog-2.4.14.html * http://www.groovy-lang.org/changelogs/changelog-2.4.15.html * http://www.groovy-lang.org/changelogs/changelog-2.4.16.html
  • 682f29be45 Improved: Refactoring ‘EntityCondition’ - Rewrite EntityConditionList class (OFBIZ-10691)
  • 77a93fa477 Improved: Refactoring ‘EntityCondition’ - Turn EntityCondition into an interface (OFBIZ-10691)
  • 78e67432e7 Fixed: Update and clean deprecated code after release 18.12 creation (OFBIZ-10761) Remove deprecated entity fields deprecated for more 10 years and without impact with source code Add since deprecate release on comment for PartyAcctgPreference definition and demo data to help the next analyse
  • 817378d3dc Improved: Refactoring ‘EntityCondition’ - Remove EntityConditionBase class (OFBIZ-10691)
  • 95f4d4b6eb Improved: Refactor ControlFilter (OFBIZ-10449) various improvements: * Inheriting from HttpFilter instead of implementing Filter * Using streams when getting the allowed paths No functional change
  • 9b10f93948 Improved: Remove unneeded code in ‘entity’ component (OFBIZ-10777) Thanks Mathieu Lirzin for your contribution
  • a8e986c7c4 Improved: Refactoring ‘EntityCondition’ - Rewrite EntityExpr class (OFBIZ-10691)
  • acbd42387c Fixed: Update and clean deprecated code after release 18.12 creation (OFBIZ-10761) et all deprecated since='Upcoming Release' to since='Release 18.12'
  • acbfbfda3f Fixed: Errors and warnings in webtools' ArtifactInfo (OFBIZ-10760)
  • af382be977 Fixed: Disable widget verbose property on context doesn't works for rendering ftl template
  • bcd2a6c5d7 Improved: ‘EntityOperator#getId()’ is not used in the framework (OFBIZ-10607)
  • c4c5c8a142 Improved: ‘ObjectType’ contains unneeded code (OFBIZ-10771)
  • c6524affa2 Improved: Refactoring ‘EntityCondition’ - Rewrite EntityWhereString class (OFBIZ-10691)
  • c932db31f1 Improved: Refactoring ‘EntityCondition’ - Rewrite EntityFieldMap class (OFBIZ-10691)
  • df59ff8c72 Fixed: bug in which fields of a form do not sort if it has a parent
  • f30cf03e0b Improved: The ‘ModelFieldType’ class members should be private. (OFBIZ-10773)